The Genesis Echo – Pre-Babel history in the Chinese language

TheGenesisEcho1quote_lineHundreds of years before Moses wrote Genesis, the events of pre-Babel history were recorded in precise detail, embedded in the syntax of the Chinese language. Over 100 Chinese characters have been analyzed, verified and included in the Genesis Echo presentation.

presenting The Genesis Echo in Toronto, Ontario (May 2013)

An Introduction to the Genesis Echo
What is this project all about?

…Thou, O Spiritual Sovereign…
Meet ShangTi, the God of the ancient Chinese (and of the Hebrews).

The Creation Account
The Chinese people have various creation legends, but recorded in the etymology of their language we find the true creation account.

Adam & Eve
There are several characters which focus on two people, seemingly Adam & Eve; including an image which placed them in the garden of Eden!

The Garden of Eden
Man shared a special relationship with God and with his wife in the sinless world. However, a tempter in the garden sought to destroy.

Sin In The Garden
There are several Chinese characters which give details of Eve eating the fruit, her and Adam hiding from the Lord, and the punishment for their sin.

Expelled From The Garden
Man could no longer live in Eden. God provided atonement for them, and then sent them out.

Cain & Abel
The ancient Chinese were aware of the faithfulness of Abel and the cruelty of Cain.

Names are important. The details in the etymology of Noah’s name show a promise which God fulfilled in him.

Noah & His Generation
Just as Cain and Abel were very different people, so were Noah and his contemporaries.

The Flood
The Bible tells of a worldwide flood in Noah’s day – so does the etymology of the Chinese language.

The Tower of Babel
The tower project, the confused languages, the division of nations – the ancient Chinese knew about and recorded it all.

How Did They Know?
So, how did an ancient culture 1000s of miles away from where the ancient Hebrews put together a comparable history of events?


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