Limestone Church Of Christ
meeting at 935 Sydenham Rd in Kingston Ontario

We're an assembly of Christians meeting together in Kingston, Ontario who enjoy regular Bible study and fellowship with one another. Our desire is to be a New Testament church, just like you can read about in the Bible. We have no source of religious authority except the Bible (God's blueprint) for doctrine and practice. We use no creed, no catechism, no manual, etc. God's word is perfect, and thus we ought to obey what He has revealed. We cannot improve upon His pattern for salvation, worship and life. We make it our aim to follow His plan in all things we do, and encourage others to do the same, to the glory of God. If that appeals to you, we look forward to seeing you. Click HERE to see short invitation video.

meet our EVANGELIST...

Hi! My name is William Stewart. Thanks so much for visiting our site. We hope that you take a bit of time to look around, and that you benefit from the material provided here.

If you are in the Kingston area, we'd love for you to come and worship with us! Also, if you are interested, my wife and I would enjoy sitting down with you at a mutually agreeable location and studying the Bible together.

Coffee Shop Studies
04.08: The Gospel of Luke
04.14: Questions & Answers
04.15: The Revelation

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