Rudd – Lesson 3 – Quiz Sheet

1. Jesus said only a few would be misled by false teachers.
2. All denominations perform baptism the same way.
3. Jesus prayed that His followers would not divide into many denominations.
4. Most churchgoers have compared their church's doctrines with the Bible.
5. God doesn't care how we worship Him, as long as we are zealous and sincere.
6. It is possible for someone to feel absolutely sure they are saved, when in fact they are not.
7. Most people blindly adopt the religious affiliation of their parents.
8. When a denomination ordains one of their ministers, they permit him to teach doctrine from the Bible only.
9. The Bible contains many prophecies that warned of false religions.
10. Doctrinal correctness alone will guarantee that you will go to heaven.
11. An ordained minister must follow his denomination's creed, even when it teaches false doctrine.
12. Church catechisms, creeds & statements of faith only summarize what the Bible teaches into a condensed form.
13. If every church's statement of faith were identical, then there would not be 2,000 different denominations.
14. Loyalty to man-made doctrines over what the Bible teaches actually perpetuates religious division.
15. One can believe and practice false doctrine and have a Biblical hope of salvation.
16. Using the Bible as our blueprint for religion means that we
17. Feelings of assurance of salvation are trustworthy when you
18. The Holy Spirit does not directly confirm your assurance of salvation through feelings because
19. When a minister claims to be "ordained" it means that
20. You can be sure that the church you attend is the one Christ died for if
21. There is widespread religious division in our community because
22. Nadab and Abihu were killed by God because they
23. The fact that there are over 2,000 churches today means that
24. You might receive the shock of your life on judgment by being sentenced to hell if you
25. Your highest personal loyalty and allegiance should be to

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