Rudd – Lesson 2 – Quiz Sheet

1. Jesus, being divine, lived in heaven long before the universe was created.
2. To get to heaven we only need to believe in Christ.
3. Jesus said the majority of mankind will go to heaven.
4. If asked, the majority of mankind would feel quite sure they will go to heaven.
5. People who do not try to attend with a church every week are pleasing to Christ.
6. We will have the hope of heaven if we hear the words of Christ but do not obey them.
7. Weekly church attendance alone will guarantee that one will go to heaven.
8. One local church is as good as another.
9. We show our love for Jesus by obeying His commandments.
10. There are some circumstances where Jesus will permit us to delay purifying our lives of sin.
11. God will judge each man according to his actions.
12. Everyone who calls himself a Christian and says that they believe in Jesus as their Lord and saviour will be saved.
13. Jesus promised that if we believed in Him that our lives would become conflict free.
14. In the great judgment there will be many people who expect to go to heaven but will be cast into hell instead.
15. The most common reason why people don't attend weekly is because they are not very interested in spiritual things.
16. When Jesus was raised from the dead it proved that He was
17. A person will be cast into hell if they
18. The majority of people who say they are too busy to study the Bible right now because of work or school
19. You can identify those who truly have Jesus as Lord of their life because they
20. The right reason you should attend with a specific local church is because
21. The Bible describes hell as
22. When apostle Peter secretly followed Jesus at a distance it showed that he
23. Able people who habitually forsake the assembly of Christians every week will be lost because
24. If a person lives in the way which pleases Christ, then
25. Modern churches offer things like Hollywood style worship services, exercise classes and pot-lucks because

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