Rudd – Lesson 1 – Quiz Sheet

1. In the Greek, the word inspired means "God-breathed."
2. Scientific facts were recorded in the Bible long before man discovered them for himself.
3. The Bible has mistakes typical of the time it was written.
4. It took the world's scientists only 2 years to discover that Piltdown man was a fraud.
5. The Bible is the world's best selling book and is available in over 700 languages.
6. The Bible helped Matthew Maury discover ocean currents.
7. The Bible is primarily a book of scientific information.
8. The observable facts of science support the theory of evolution better than the Bible's 6 day creation story.
9. Darwin himself realized the absence of any fossil evidence of missing links greatly hurt his theory.
10. Hitler exterminated 12 million people because he felt they were evolutionary misfits and he was helping mankind.
11. The 40 men, through whom the Holy Spirit wrote the Bible, all lived in the same country.
12. Bible prophecies are so vague & unclear, that there could be many fulfillments of them down through the centuries.
13. Many of the names and places mentioned in the Bible have been verified by actual archaeological finds.
14. Although other books make special claims, the Bible is the only book on earth that is actually inspired by God.
15. The Bible teaches that the world was flat and not round.
16. "Piltdown man" is considered a fraud because
17. The holy men who wrote the Bible were guided by
18. Skeptics once claimed the ancient Hittite Empire was just another Bible myth because
19. The scientific facts in the Bible indicate divine authorship mainly because
20. The unity of the Bible indicates divine authorship because
21. The phrase that best describes the meaning of the word "inspired" is
22. The statement "all scripture is inspired by God" means
23. We should view the teaching of the Bible as
24. Since the common man can understand the Bible by merely reading (Ephesians 3:3), then
25. Since the Bible is a complete guide for our lives and doctrine then

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