1. Should we count the cost of following Jesus?

2. To be a disciple of Christ, it is necessary to: (check all that apply)

3. If one is unwilling to give up everything for Jesus, can he be a disciple of Christ?

4. Must I allow Christ to direct my life?

5. Can I put my family ahead of Christ if I want to be His disciple?

6. Is it alright to put my family ahead of Christ?

7. If I want to follow Jesus, can I put money and material things ahead of Him?

8. Can I continue to indulge in sinful pleasures if I become a Christian?

9. Can I even put my life ahead of Jesus?

10. Was the cross the symbol of Jesus' suffering for us?

11. Must we be willing to suffer for Him?

12. Must we be willing to rejected by others for Him without being ashamed?

13. Must we believe and obey His word?

14. Must our lives be like His?

15. Can we refuse to do any of these things and be His disciple?

16. Is the reward worth the sacrifice that it takes to be His disciple?

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