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If Jesus Were On Facebook

A search on Facebook reveals a number of groups and fan pages that have been set up to focus on Jesus Christ. You can “Like” and “Follow” Jesus on Facebook, but you can’t “Friend” Him. He doesn’t have an account. … Continue reading

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The Bible And Racism

by William J. Stewart The form of prejudice commonly called racism has always baffled me. Bigotry based upon skin colour makes as much sense as bigotry based upon eye or hair colour. And yet, racism is likely the most common … Continue reading

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Social Media & Christians

by William J. Stewart Communication has changed drastically in my lifetime. When I was a kid, we had a rotary telephone attached to the wall. If you wanted to post a message, you needed an envelop and a stamp. Cords and … Continue reading

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Watch Your Abbreviations!

by William J. Stewart We live in an age where abbreviations are used extensively in informal written communication (texting, social media, etc.), and even to some degree in day to day conversation. Maybe you’ve overheard a teenage girl talking about her … Continue reading

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The Real Tragedy

Last night, Kingston hosted what was likely the largest concert in the city’s history. The K-Rock Centre was filled to capacity, with some big names in attendance, including Prime Minister Trudeau. An estimated 25,000+ also spilled out into the streets … Continue reading

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A Look at Some “Holidays”

by William J. Stewart Everyone likes holidays; whether it be for the good food, the company of friends and family, the time off work, or all three. There are several holidays which find their origin with some sort of religious … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Keys To Cope With Stress

W. Frank Walton In our hurry-up, pressure-cooker world, everyone knows about stress. Such pressure comes from the various demands our fast-paced life places on us. Sometimes, they seem like they will pull us apart. Reading through the Gospel of Matthew, we … Continue reading

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