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Heavenly Hope In Christ

by William J. Stewart The apostle Peter once inquired of the Lord, “See, we have left all and followed You. Therefore what shall we have?” (Matthew 19:27) The question is valid. What benefit is to be derived from forsaking all … Continue reading

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His Hour

In his God-given wisdom and by the direction of the Holy Spirit, Solomon wrote a wonderful and poetic discourse on God’s use of time. He begins, “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven…” Then, … Continue reading

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Show Me Your Faith

by William J. Stewart | James 2:18 The doctrine of salvation by faith alone is exceptionally common in today’s religious world. One modern day proponent of the doctrine has admitted James 2:14-26 “…definitely seems to cause serious problems for the … Continue reading

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The Process Of Revival

by William J. Stewart Last week, looking at the words of Isaiah the prophet as recorded in Isaiah 1:10-15, we saw through the example of Israel that wickedness among God’s people will: Remind the Lord of Sodom and Gomorrah (v … Continue reading

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“Shine before men,” but “not to be seen by them”

by William J. Stewart In His teaching from the sermon on the mount, among other things, Jesus addressed our conduct before men. At first glance, the two statements which are in our article title today might appear to be opposed … Continue reading

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A God of Patterns

by William J. Stewart When we consider the work of God, we can see time and again He uses and loves patterns. In every age it can be seen through the Scriptures that God supplied a blueprint for His people … Continue reading

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A New Creation

by William J. Stewart There are two texts in the Bible which specifically use the phrase “a new creation” (2 Corinthians 5:17; Galatians 6:15). That said, the concept is found in multiple places in the Scriptures. Other texts speak of … Continue reading

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I’m Going To Heaven, And I’m Taking You With Me

by William J. Stewart Several years ago, we had a visiting preacher with us for a weekend meeting. Following the Saturday evening study, while driving one of our visitors home, our enthusiastic evangelist asked how long she had been a member … Continue reading

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Why did Jesus have to die?

by William J. Stewart Have you ever wondered why Jesus had to die? Why did God not just wave His hand over our sins and command them to be gone? I have no doubt He is able. Why did He require … Continue reading

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Counterfeit Christianity

by William J. Stewart One encounter with a counterfeit bill is enough to make anyone appreciate the high cost of counterfeit currency. Banks will not and cannot honour counterfeits, for to do so would encourage criminal activity and damage the value … Continue reading

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