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Biblical Authority

William J. Stewart As we look about, we see a great number of religious groups claiming to be “Christian”. Upon examination of this hoard of ‘Bible-believing’ assemblies, we find very few agree on very little. It is almost as though there … Continue reading

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Pastors, Reverends, Priests, etc.

William J. Stewart Being one who preaches the gospel of Christ on an ongoing basis, I have had people call me a variety of things. I do not speak in regards to the disrespectful language which may come from people who … Continue reading

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Presbuterous, Episkopos & Poimen

William J. Stewart Anyone reading the title of this week’s article might very well say, “It’s Greek to me,” and would be right! The three terms above are from the Greek language, the original language in which the New Testament Scriptures … Continue reading

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